Proofreading Rates

Keeping it simple

Most proofreaders' websites I visit require the client to get in touch to receive a quote, and involve a complicated formula based on an hourly rate, amount of corrections and length of the piece. They might even require a sample from the piece to calculate all this.

I've kept things simple so you can more-or-less instantly see what I will charge to proofread your piece:

Grant application (2,000-5,000 words) 

£75, two-day turnaround

Journal manuscript (4,000-8,000 words) 

£100, three-day turnaround

Thesis chapter (8,000-12,000 words) 

£150, four-day turnaround

Master's thesis (10,000-20,000 words) 

£200, five-day turnaround

PhD thesis (60,000-75,000 words)

£400, ten-day turnaround

If your piece falls outside this word count, or will require a truly substantial proof, the price can be adjusted. This also excludes reference checking, which can be an addition.

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